Under EU Law, all prices on our e-shop include VAT. However, customers from outside the EU who provide a shipping address that is located outside the EU are exempt from paying VAT and this amount is deducted from the total automatically at checkout. Please keep in mind that you will be subject to import duties and taxes when your order arrives in your territory and unfortunately, we cannot determine beforehand the exact charges this will entail for each territory.

Payment of these fees is usually required in advance to release your goods from Customs. For further information and enquiries please contact us by email on info@mariannalemos.com

Our e-shop is likely to recognise your IP address and will automatically show you prices net of 24% Greek VAT if you are visiting from a non-EU country.


UK Customers

Since Brexit (as of 1st January 2021) all UK orders are tax exempt. Due to changes in UK customs regulations, the VAT is now charged by the UK tax authority. Payment of the VAT is required in advance. Your goods will only be released for shipping to the UK once the VAT has been paid. If you have any further questions or queries, please contact us on info@mariannalemos.com


EU Customers

Customers within the EU must pay VAT. The rate of VAT particular to your own country will be shown on your order confirmation.